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ha um

i suck!
i know i know
lol you guys prolly don't even check this now huh?
i haven't updated in way too long, would you beleive i just dun have time?
*sad face*
classes started back last week, they've been pretty good so far, although tutoring for 4 hours a day is very boring..
calculus sucks as of today, i was actually enjoying it before but she so lost me today yuck
chemistry isn't easy either but i can grasp it better so far, but from what i remember, the worst is comin *grimace*
still need to find a place to volunteer for 48 hours for service learning n its due tomorrow, guh!
s'ok though, i've got mr mcdannel workin on it, so hopefully that will pan out, if not i'm sure i'll find something..
pretty boring update but all i've got goin lately is school lol
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