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holy shit!

lol i made all A's again! yay me! now lets see if i can keep it up with calculus and chemistry classes next semester *cringe*

n oo ooo
i emailed hal sparks a few weeks ago cuz i was readin his journal entries n faq's on his site n some of the things he said touched me and i just wanted to let him know it, n i figured most people just emailed n went on about his acting n comedy n how awesomely adorable he is so i dunno, i just wanted to let him know that i was impressed with how he overcame the restrictions placed on small town kids and became his own man with a mind and spirit capable of accepting and viewing things in a way most wouldnt given the same chances.. and that coming from and returning to the same sort of place, i can see how hard it would be and is to keep your views when the rest of the world seems to hold opposite values..
n he replied!
i was shocked, i wasn't really expectin a reply lol, even though on his sites n journals he seems to try to keep in touch and reply to those who comment..
heres what he said..

HI Casey,

I just wanted to write you back and say thanks for noticing. We all
fight the good fight as best we can and it's great to know it's
recognized and is having some impact. :0) And I applaud you for the
efforts you make as well.

Are we Awesome? ;0)

You're great,


now how sweet is that? awesome, yes he is lol
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