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updates, plots, and plans

mom bought me the whole season of Kindred, the Embraced *swoon* and me n dawn are slowly watching it, hard to both be around at the same time without reese runnin round, vampires scare the poor lil monster head.. n speakin of movies, we saw the phantom of the opera n subby you were right, its totally awesome (i think subby is the one who tol me that, yes? *looks at him*) i hadda run out n get the soundtrack, tis so good, that man has a voice in him im tellin ya! i heard reese likes the soundtrack too lol n mom has the new cd by rob thomas from matchbox 20 n its so awesome.. you should see reese bouncing around telling us hes playin a guitar by growling out funny noises and swinging his arm around him in a circle.. then when a new song came on with drums he said 'now i playin drums!' n started usin his hands like he was poundin on war drums.. the kid is awesome, i swear.. dunno where he gets it, with this family *innocent look*

i got a letter from the college a few days ago saying i got that academic scholarship thing i applied for, which shocked me to peices.. its not much, $500 now and $500 in the spring, but man it will sure help cover what my loan won't cover! i's all happy now n so releivveeeddd..

i've talked to both jonathan and andrea and my plans are set, i'm pretty sure.. we are driving down to get jonathan the 27-30, and bringing him here till sometime after the 11th, the day hes gotta take the ACT up at indiana state university.. his brother will prolly come get him the 18th or so.. we are gonna have fun i hope, terre haute aint a huge city thing but theres enough to do to be occupied for a few weeks, sure.. and i gotta help him study for the ACT, we still have my book from when i took it..

ima have to call evan misha and ronnie n let them know i'm gona be in town if they wana hook up for lunch or dinner or something one night while i'm there.. i'll get on that soon since i might have to work around their work schedules.. pft work *rolls eyes* who works when you can be off doing things much more fun with your time? i also gotta stop by the school for financial aid stuff n get my loan process started, and to sign some papers for the tutoring thing ima be doing next semester..

as for andrea, i talked to mom and she wants me here for the 4th of july for the fireworks and stuff here, fun fun it is.. so we are gonna leave for home the weekend after that, the 8th.. and andrea is gonna drive down the 9th and meet us there n me n her leave for va beach n dc n fun stuff that saturday for a couple weeks, n i getta spend time getting to know my godson finally *bounces* i miss running around gettin lost on road trips with my andrea, we will have a blast in dc, i can't wait to go to there again..

*ponders* i think thats all for now, seeing as how dawn has yet again crept up without me knowing it (daybreak, not the sister) i can see the light comin in through the blinds.. i need to stop going to bed so late again.. last night it was after 6 and one night me n mom sat up till 7:30 readin lol.. oi, i dunno.. i canna help it!
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reading again more slowly - translating ...........
it wasn't that bad!