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Still in Indiana..
having a pretty good time here cept I'm gettin fat n lazy lol
we ate at the texas road house last night n i got this huugee cuervo gold margarita on the rocks n kina drunk it too fast so i was outa it for most the night.. but we eat out alla timmee, think I've gained 10 pounds since I got ere! n since I dun have school or anything, I sleep allllllllaa time, I just got up a few minutes ago, bout 6:30 ish, even tho I went to bed around 5.. dunno whats up with me, lazzyyyy
good thing I won't be having any summers free for next few years lol.. spare time is bad for me!
sigh I think the full moon is gone now.. it was gorrgeoouusss this month, huge and yellowy orange.. which is a good thing since this month is the begining of the cancer birthdays and we are ruled by the moon.. only fitting that its beautiful now! speaking of, my birthday is in 4 days! ack! (oo shopping spree!) I don't wana be 23! I'm gettin sooo ollldddd..
I'm sposed to be in my first year of med school this year, not sophmore in college pftt.. but I guess it worked out for the best really.. I needed those 3 years off, I needed that contact with Jack n Karen n Mellie n Chadly n Subby n Robbbiee.. it changed me for the better I think.. and now I get to stay with grampa which I think we both needed anndd I gotta meet Evan n Ronnie n Misha! Life always works out the way its gonna.. whether you realize it or not..
(if dawns cell phone dun stop ringin every 2 minutes ima go upstairs and throw it out the window.. wonder why she dint take it with her gad)
nm its not hers, they just walked in.. i dunno what it is, mebe I'm just losing my mind.. could happen (moms checkin what it is) ha it was her phone, sorry dawn..
we've been on a movie watchin spree all week, first with footloose n then napolean dynamite (lost look, i just dint getit), be cool (stopped it after 5 minutes), the forgotten (actually really good), zoolander (mom hadnt ever seen it so i made her watch it n somehow dawn was at her friends house watchin it at the same time we were n came home n went guess what i just watched! lol it was creeeppyy), coach carter (excellent movie!), cursed (good, but not the best), and hostage last night, totally awesome movie, bruce willis rocks!
been goin to the library alla time too, catchin up on the books I can't find in ky unless I buy em offa still reading christine feehans carpathian 'dark' series, kina vampire but not people.. great series.. and sherilyn kenyons dark-hunter series, which is possibly the best everrrr.. imortal vampire slayers who sold their souls to artimus who hunt down the children of apollo, who age to year 27 n then die slowly as they age 100 years in one day unless they start sucking the souls out of humans (after that they are called daimons) and the hunters are ran by artimus and this 11 thousand year old god from atlantis.. very good series, the next book comes out on my birthday!
just got started on laurel k hamiltons 2 series.. one about anita blake, vampire hunter, in which shes a necromancer who raises zombies and is dating the master vampire of the city and the leader of the pack of werewolves and she adopted a pack of wereleopards.. good good series toooo but i think my favorite series of all right now is her merridith gentry series.. about an unseelie sidhe fey princess who is co-heir to the throne with her evil cousin and whoever has a child first wins, and who looses will die by the other.. so she has like 5-6 gorgeous sidhe immortal guards and a goblin/sidhe and a demi-fey little fairy guy with wings.. she sleeps withem all and whoever gets her pregnant becomes king but they gotta avoid all the assasination attempts and hope her cousin doesnt get one of his guards pregnant first lol
so yeah i have too much time on my hands!
also been keeping up with my brian/micheal stories i read and a bunch of spike/angel and spike/xander stories.. they all rock
hm was sposed to email roni n misha days ago, I better get started on that
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