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so much for peace!

i ended up driving mom n jonathan to lexington cuz dawn dint wana go n mom came in n woke me up saying i hada get up n drive em lol
it was actually pretty fun, tho
i didnt mind it at all after i actually woke up..
after we dropped jonathan off at frankfort, we drove on to lexington, well nicholasville, close enough..
we had a pretty good time that night with moms sister n her family, so we decided to stay another full day n night and leave the next morning..
we went to a wine tasting n went shopping n had a good time!
we left saturday after eating at this awesome italian place in lexington, belle noche or note... hm i cant member what night is in italian, i get it confused with spanish alot..
but yeah
we got home at abouuttt um.. 10, 10:30 that night
lossa storms n fun stuff on the way back.. tried to call jonathan on the way back but kept losing him pft..
we misses him already!
reese got all sad and cried on his birthday cuz he couldnt find jonathan n he wouldnt be coming to his party.. aww
it almost flooded here the last few days, rainin hard n long.. jonathan missed the storms, sigghh.. thats the best part of this place!
mom went out to walmart last night and bought Footloose for 5 bucks.. footloose!
one of the best movies evvvveerrrrrrr
thats about all thats been goin on..
i needa call my friends n i needa call jonathan but i just haateee cell phones, i cant ever hear anyone with the things, gah..
but i better start or people gonna be annoyed!
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