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burns, bruises, and cuts oh my!

we have decided that 95 degrees is too hot to go run around the zoo for 5-6 hours! we are all burned up and red n my feets hurt! just had a lonnggg cold bath so am not sticky no more..
mm what all been goin onnn..
oh yeah!
went out to the bar with dawn the other night n after we got home n alla us were playin around downstairs, my foot started itchin on the top n i looked down n there was this big like.. half a golf ball size purple knot on the top of my foot.. it was huuggeee n funky lookin! looked like an alien was gonna pop outa it any second lol.. i dunno what i did to it either.. mom says it looks like i busted a vein or somthing but i dont remember hittin it on anything n i dint drink THAT much so i jus dunno.. it hurt for a few days but now its flattened out n brown n green from my toes to almost the top of my ankle n all the way down the outside of my foot.. its preettyyyy
oo n i also got my hair chopped off day before yesterday! not alla it but a good deal of it.. like ohhhh... um..from 4-6 inches i guess.. it just covers my shoulder blades now.. lot coooolllerrrr
so yeah thats my burns bruises n cuts lol
mom n dawn are taking jonathan back to kentucky on thursday n will be gone a couple days.. i am gonna have peaaacceeee
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