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so sleeppyyyyy
had the honors night thingy n got my psychology award from dr mcdannel
was a nice lil get together thing before summer *sigh*
i dont want summer i wana go back to class right nowww
didnt get to see evan long while we were there, had to leave right after with grampa to go get some food, wayyyy too crowded there to stand in line lol
sok tho ima make me misha ronni n evan go do somethin this week before i leave for indy
fun fun
gonna miss em all
came home n slept till 11:30 n now im waitin on letterman to go off so i can see my new favorite guy on tv!
oh hush
we all know my addiction to scottish men by now
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hahahaha - ok - who is the new one then? hugggggggg my smart Cassness gettin awards ~SSSSSSSS~ proud for u hun

*hugsss my robbie back*
the new one is craig fergusson! he comes on after leno!
oo - instant reply? r u online then?? ** posts super quickly - hooooooping ...
lol i am i am .. i needa get your yahoo or whatever you have mannn i never know when you on!