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My computer is um.. dead
seriously dead
it keeps beeping n buzzin at me if i hit the keyboard or a link and the start button wont work, just blinks at me and if i click on someone to try to talk to them the window dissapears.. and my shift makes anything i try to type into a big Q.. *weird look*
im at the computer at school now, waiting on Ron to take me Evan n Misha (ronni was gonna come but decided to work pft) to the University of Virginia campus to visit..
moommyyyy i neeeeeddd to fill out my FAFSA but i cant online, so you need to get all the info together n call me tonight sometime, ill get a form from the financial aid office and have everything ready..
filled out an application for tutoring bit ago, might work iuno.. andd i have to fill out an application for the honors society so i can get help goin to uva
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