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fall schedule

we had pre registration todayy
i am gonna be taking:


Calculus I from 8:30 AM to 9:55
Spanish I from 12:30 to 1:30
Anatomy n Physiology from 1:30 to 2:45
Anatomy Lab on W from 3 to 4:40
Death and Dying from 4:40 to 5:55

i really only got calc and spanish on friday so i will get out at 1:30

anndd on tuesday n thursday i have this thing called Service Learning but i dont have to go at all except for the first and last week of the semester.. she gives us a list of places to volunteer at that work with the college that we have to pick one and volunteer at for 48 hours total .. n whitesburg hospital is one of the places n i sooo hope i can work there, would be awesome for med school app

im trying hard to not think about anatomy and calculus *cringe* i aint worried bout any of the others
i ALMOST signed up for triganomatry too but noo i can wait if i decide to do it

the only realllyyyyy bad thing about this schedule...
calc spanish and anatomy are all 4 credit hours
which means im taking 18 credit hours
18 x $98 = way too much money for my loan to cover
not to mention the anatomy book which costs almost 200 dollars
n i dun wana think what calc costs since algebra was over 100
im gona be at least 500 dollars over my loan, mebe up to 7 or 8 if you count books
but i cant drop any of these because i HAVE to take every one of them for what im goin in to n i dont wana chance it that they arent there next semester cuz our classes are all screwy being a small school
i hope to god that the academic scholarship will work but i sincerely doubt it since its need based also
i dunno what im gonna do
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Hey, I hope that the Anatomy and Physiology is the same as mine because you can have my book. This book costs me 155. so hopefully it is the same. I am taking it this summer and you can just take it back with you. Then you can see if it is the same and won't have to buy that one at least.
Keep your fingers crossed. And the other will some way or another work out. See if they will let you pay for the rest on that three month payment thing. Should be able to swing it then. Check it out and let me know.
Gotta run and I love you.
ebay for books could help?

sooooth your stress with a nice slow shoulder massage - works wonders - hope u can find someone to do a real one

re your vampire dream - ive been reading a couple more of anne rice's books - 'the witchin hour' at the moment - i like the way she layers one story inside another - like an interesting onion

wonder how Chad n Susan's wedding was - probly be weeks n weeks till he's back on line =\

be well n safe Cassness - hugggggg you ~SSS~
ooo anne rice rocks! i dont think ive read the witching hour, just the two after that, but taltos is excellent, read it! n blackwood farm, great book..
i havent talked to chaddy in ageessss, i hope the wedding went well n they off having fun somewhere! miss my chaddy