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ha um   
07:36pm 24/08/2005
mood: bouncy
i suck!
i know i know
lol you guys prolly don't even check this now huh?
i haven't updated in way too long, would you beleive i just dun have time?
*sad face*
classes started back last week, they've been pretty good so far, although tutoring for 4 hours a day is very boring..
calculus sucks as of today, i was actually enjoying it before but she so lost me today yuck
chemistry isn't easy either but i can grasp it better so far, but from what i remember, the worst is comin *grimace*
still need to find a place to volunteer for 48 hours for service learning n its due tomorrow, guh!
s'ok though, i've got mr mcdannel workin on it, so hopefully that will pan out, if not i'm sure i'll find something..
pretty boring update but all i've got goin lately is school lol

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02:15pm 03/07/2005
mood: amused
We went n watched War of the Worlds last night and ohhh mannnn it was awesome but it freaked us out so bad! wow.. just.. yeah
messed us up so bad we had to go watch another movie right after, so we went n saw Mr and Mrs Smith too and I WANTA BUY THAT MOVIE! its sooooo goooooddd lol, they are both so beautiful, sigghh

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03:24am 29/06/2005
mood: content
so yeah
im gettin olllddddd
was a good birthday though, cept for the damn margarita that knocked me out for half the day n sent me to bed early .. no more for me, i mean it this time!
mom n dawn got me all kindsa cool stuff from hot topic, dragony n gorgoyley n fairy stuff, fun fun
n then i gotta go spend some money on clothes, oh the hardship
i love buyin clothes!

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12:26pm 25/06/2005
mood: distressed
i bloody hate this time of year
its not fair
i thought i was over this
why in hell does he still have this goddamned hold on me?

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blah blah blah   
05:46pm 24/06/2005
mood: lazy
Still in Indiana..
having a pretty good time here cept I'm gettin fat n lazy lol
we ate at the texas road house last night n i got this huugee cuervo gold margarita on the rocks n kina drunk it too fast so i was outa it for most the night.. but we eat out alla timmee, think I've gained 10 pounds since I got ere! n since I dun have school or anything, I sleep allllllllaa time, I just got up a few minutes ago, bout 6:30 ish, even tho I went to bed around 5.. dunno whats up with me, lazzyyyy
good thing I won't be having any summers free for next few years lol.. spare time is bad for me!
sigh I think the full moon is gone now.. it was gorrgeoouusss this month, huge and yellowy orange.. which is a good thing since this month is the begining of the cancer birthdays and we are ruled by the moon.. only fitting that its beautiful now! speaking of, my birthday is in 4 days! ack! (oo shopping spree!) I don't wana be 23! I'm gettin sooo ollldddd..
I'm sposed to be in my first year of med school this year, not sophmore in college pftt.. but I guess it worked out for the best really.. I needed those 3 years off, I needed that contact with Jack n Karen n Mellie n Chadly n Subby n Robbbiee.. it changed me for the better I think.. and now I get to stay with grampa which I think we both needed anndd I gotta meet Evan n Ronnie n Misha! Life always works out the way its gonna.. whether you realize it or not..
(if dawns cell phone dun stop ringin every 2 minutes ima go upstairs and throw it out the window.. wonder why she dint take it with her gad)
nm its not hers, they just walked in.. i dunno what it is, mebe I'm just losing my mind.. could happen (moms checkin what it is) ha it was her phone, sorry dawn..
we've been on a movie watchin spree all week, first with footloose n then napolean dynamite (lost look, i just dint getit), be cool (stopped it after 5 minutes), the forgotten (actually really good), zoolander (mom hadnt ever seen it so i made her watch it n somehow dawn was at her friends house watchin it at the same time we were n came home n went guess what i just watched! lol it was creeeppyy), coach carter (excellent movie!), cursed (good, but not the best), and hostage last night, totally awesome movie, bruce willis rocks!
been goin to the library alla time too, catchin up on the books I can't find in ky unless I buy em offa amazon.com.. still reading christine feehans carpathian 'dark' series, kina vampire but not people.. great series.. and sherilyn kenyons dark-hunter series, which is possibly the best everrrr.. imortal vampire slayers who sold their souls to artimus who hunt down the children of apollo, who age to year 27 n then die slowly as they age 100 years in one day unless they start sucking the souls out of humans (after that they are called daimons) and the hunters are ran by artimus and this 11 thousand year old god from atlantis.. very good series, the next book comes out on my birthday!
just got started on laurel k hamiltons 2 series.. one about anita blake, vampire hunter, in which shes a necromancer who raises zombies and is dating the master vampire of the city and the leader of the pack of werewolves and she adopted a pack of wereleopards.. good good series toooo but i think my favorite series of all right now is her merridith gentry series.. about an unseelie sidhe fey princess who is co-heir to the throne with her evil cousin and whoever has a child first wins, and who looses will die by the other.. so she has like 5-6 gorgeous sidhe immortal guards and a goblin/sidhe and a demi-fey little fairy guy with wings.. she sleeps withem all and whoever gets her pregnant becomes king but they gotta avoid all the assasination attempts and hope her cousin doesnt get one of his guards pregnant first lol
so yeah i have too much time on my hands!
also been keeping up with my brian/micheal stories i read and a bunch of spike/angel and spike/xander stories.. they all rock
hm was sposed to email roni n misha days ago, I better get started on that

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so much for peace!   
04:12pm 15/06/2005
mood: chipper
i ended up driving mom n jonathan to lexington cuz dawn dint wana go n mom came in n woke me up saying i hada get up n drive em lol
it was actually pretty fun, tho
i didnt mind it at all after i actually woke up..
after we dropped jonathan off at frankfort, we drove on to lexington, well nicholasville, close enough..
we had a pretty good time that night with moms sister n her family, so we decided to stay another full day n night and leave the next morning..
we went to a wine tasting n went shopping n had a good time!
we left saturday after eating at this awesome italian place in lexington, belle noche or note... hm i cant member what night is in italian, i get it confused with spanish alot..
but yeah
we got home at abouuttt um.. 10, 10:30 that night
lossa storms n fun stuff on the way back.. tried to call jonathan on the way back but kept losing him pft..
we misses him already!
reese got all sad and cried on his birthday cuz he couldnt find jonathan n he wouldnt be coming to his party.. aww
it almost flooded here the last few days, rainin hard n long.. jonathan missed the storms, sigghh.. thats the best part of this place!
mom went out to walmart last night and bought Footloose for 5 bucks.. footloose!
one of the best movies evvvveerrrrrrr
thats about all thats been goin on..
i needa call my friends n i needa call jonathan but i just haateee cell phones, i cant ever hear anyone with the things, gah..
but i better start or people gonna be annoyed!

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burns, bruises, and cuts oh my!   
06:49pm 07/06/2005
mood: hot
we have decided that 95 degrees is too hot to go run around the zoo for 5-6 hours! we are all burned up and red n my feets hurt! just had a lonnggg cold bath so am not sticky no more..
mm what all been goin onnn..
oh yeah!
went out to the bar with dawn the other night n after we got home n alla us were playin around downstairs, my foot started itchin on the top n i looked down n there was this big like.. half a golf ball size purple knot on the top of my foot.. it was huuggeee n funky lookin! looked like an alien was gonna pop outa it any second lol.. i dunno what i did to it either.. mom says it looks like i busted a vein or somthing but i dont remember hittin it on anything n i dint drink THAT much so i jus dunno.. it hurt for a few days but now its flattened out n brown n green from my toes to almost the top of my ankle n all the way down the outside of my foot.. its preettyyyy
oo n i also got my hair chopped off day before yesterday! not alla it but a good deal of it.. like ohhhh... um..from 4-6 inches i guess.. it just covers my shoulder blades now.. lot coooolllerrrr
so yeah thats my burns bruises n cuts lol
mom n dawn are taking jonathan back to kentucky on thursday n will be gone a couple days.. i am gonna have peaaacceeee

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busy busy busy   
01:25pm 03/06/2005
mood: crazy
went home to kentucky for a few days last weekend..
got ta see evan, misha n ronnie some, was fun..
picked up my cousin n brought him here, hes been here bout ohhh.. 4 days now and he seems to be having a good time, we eatin out alot n playin games all night n watchin movies n series' n stuff.. is good times
been emailing a friend from high school back n forth some, is great to catch up on stuff, miss some of them.. seems none of my old friends stayed in washington tho, odd..

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holy shit!   
03:13am 22/05/2005
mood: giddy
lol i made all A's again! yay me! now lets see if i can keep it up with calculus and chemistry classes next semester *cringe*

n oo ooo
i emailed hal sparks a few weeks ago cuz i was readin his journal entries n faq's on his site n some of the things he said touched me and i just wanted to let him know it, n i figured most people just emailed n went on about his acting n comedy n how awesomely adorable he is so i dunno, i just wanted to let him know that i was impressed with how he overcame the restrictions placed on small town kids and became his own man with a mind and spirit capable of accepting and viewing things in a way most wouldnt given the same chances.. and that coming from and returning to the same sort of place, i can see how hard it would be and is to keep your views when the rest of the world seems to hold opposite values..
n he replied!
i was shocked, i wasn't really expectin a reply lol, even though on his sites n journals he seems to try to keep in touch and reply to those who comment..
heres what he said..

HI Casey,

I just wanted to write you back and say thanks for noticing. We all
fight the good fight as best we can and it's great to know it's
recognized and is having some impact. :0) And I applaud you for the
efforts you make as well.

Are we Awesome? ;0)

You're great,


now how sweet is that? awesome, yes he is lol

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updates, plots, and plans   
05:35am 20/05/2005
mood: silly
mom bought me the whole season of Kindred, the Embraced *swoon* and me n dawn are slowly watching it, hard to both be around at the same time without reese runnin round, vampires scare the poor lil monster head.. n speakin of movies, we saw the phantom of the opera n subby you were right, its totally awesome (i think subby is the one who tol me that, yes? *looks at him*) i hadda run out n get the soundtrack, tis so good, that man has a voice in him im tellin ya! i heard reese likes the soundtrack too lol n mom has the new cd by rob thomas from matchbox 20 n its so awesome.. you should see reese bouncing around telling us hes playin a guitar by growling out funny noises and swinging his arm around him in a circle.. then when a new song came on with drums he said 'now i playin drums!' n started usin his hands like he was poundin on war drums.. the kid is awesome, i swear.. dunno where he gets it, with this family *innocent look*

i got a letter from the college a few days ago saying i got that academic scholarship thing i applied for, which shocked me to peices.. its not much, $500 now and $500 in the spring, but man it will sure help cover what my loan won't cover! i's all happy now n so releivveeeddd..

i've talked to both jonathan and andrea and my plans are set, i'm pretty sure.. we are driving down to get jonathan the 27-30, and bringing him here till sometime after the 11th, the day hes gotta take the ACT up at indiana state university.. his brother will prolly come get him the 18th or so.. we are gonna have fun i hope, terre haute aint a huge city thing but theres enough to do to be occupied for a few weeks, sure.. and i gotta help him study for the ACT, we still have my book from when i took it..

ima have to call evan misha and ronnie n let them know i'm gona be in town if they wana hook up for lunch or dinner or something one night while i'm there.. i'll get on that soon since i might have to work around their work schedules.. pft work *rolls eyes* who works when you can be off doing things much more fun with your time? i also gotta stop by the school for financial aid stuff n get my loan process started, and to sign some papers for the tutoring thing ima be doing next semester..

as for andrea, i talked to mom and she wants me here for the 4th of july for the fireworks and stuff here, fun fun it is.. so we are gonna leave for home the weekend after that, the 8th.. and andrea is gonna drive down the 9th and meet us there n me n her leave for va beach n dc n fun stuff that saturday for a couple weeks, n i getta spend time getting to know my godson finally *bounces* i miss running around gettin lost on road trips with my andrea, we will have a blast in dc, i can't wait to go to there again..

*ponders* i think thats all for now, seeing as how dawn has yet again crept up without me knowing it (daybreak, not the sister) i can see the light comin in through the blinds.. i need to stop going to bed so late again.. last night it was after 6 and one night me n mom sat up till 7:30 readin lol.. oi, i dunno.. i canna help it!

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05:34pm 15/05/2005
sorry i dint get to talk to you yesterday.. everytime i heard someone say it was the 14th, somethin kept trying to tell me the 14th was important lol
bad bad memory i have
tried to call you a lil bit ago but no one was hommmee

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going going gone   
10:38am 08/05/2005
mood: awake
im off to see the wizard
the wonderful wizard of oz!
or indy, as the case may be..
be back ina month or two

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movies and confusion   
04:15am 03/05/2005
mood: distressed
went n saw the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy the other day, totally rocked lol
love dry british humor
radio dj here called it entertaining yet blasphemous and very confusing and inside jokey ( i dont think he got the humor half the time)
but yay for blasphemy!
only ky would call it blasphemous *weird look* its science fiction people!
n then saw blade trinity on video n um yeah
was awsome, loved it, great movie .. yet
the bad guy wasn't all that bad n he was sposed to be THE big bad
was kina cute tho
n i loved the ending
but yeah
so not the evil bad omg he cant win against him hes too good kinda bad guy
on to the confusion!
are you ready?
i think i have changed my mind
yet again
and i am going with the psychology major and the bachelors in science in social science
and im gonna try to minor in biology
(i can do both of those in less hours than the biology major alone)
if i dont get in to med school
hey it could happen yknow
but if i dont
*crosses fingers n begs i do*
then i wont be stuck with a biology bachelors i cant do shit with
least with the psych bachelors i can go on to major and grad school if i dont make it
im just hoping it wont knock me out of the running, since im already doin the community college thingy, ew bad
why is it so full of choices!
nasty evil things
least then if i screw up it wont be my fault, yes?

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06:49pm 29/04/2005
mood: amused
funny considering i have at least 2 med schools i want to go to in all of these cities, cept la

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Philadelphia

65% Washington, DC

60% Atlanta

60% Chicago

55% Los Angeles


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12:19am 29/04/2005
mood: calm
so sleeppyyyyy
had the honors night thingy n got my psychology award from dr mcdannel
was a nice lil get together thing before summer *sigh*
i dont want summer i wana go back to class right nowww
didnt get to see evan long while we were there, had to leave right after with grampa to go get some food, wayyyy too crowded there to stand in line lol
sok tho ima make me misha ronni n evan go do somethin this week before i leave for indy
fun fun
gonna miss em all
came home n slept till 11:30 n now im waitin on letterman to go off so i can see my new favorite guy on tv!
oh hush
we all know my addiction to scottish men by now

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12:56am 27/04/2005
mood: amused
anyone been watching the new late late show guy?
craig fergusson? or somthin
hes adorable!
n not just cuz hes scottish n has a great accent either!
ok mebe
yeah hm
*runs back to listen some more*

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11:38pm 23/04/2005
mood: stressed
ok ive been writing a list of everything i MUST take to get my bachelors in 2 years after transferin to uva, been workin on it for 3 dayysssss
n here is what ive found out..
bachelors in psychology only need 56 hours
i needdd oh about.. 77!
77 hours in science!
thats over 2 years by itself!
not to mention the couple of psych classes i want to take!
and the couple of grad requirement classes i need like a fine arts and a year of PE and a lit class
soooo all together, to get my bachelors in biology i need to take 87 credit hours in 2 years..
i will need to take a full class load of 18 hours a semester for 4 semesters and take classes during the summer after i get my associates and the summer between my junior n senior years..
this totally sucks
and and i HAVE to take biology n chemistry before i transfer or there is no way in hell even with both summers that i will be able to get my bachelors.. so yeah
i need to go change my schedule now
no more anatomy
i dont need it at all for my bachelors
so i gotta go do that on monday
there goes my two free days
now i gotta get up at 6 for 5 days ina row =(=(
n to make it all worse..
i dont even get to take light stuff in uva
i have to take at least 3 classes in bio per semester, 1 class chem, 1 class physics and 1 calc or statistics for first year cuz for med school i need : 1 year of biology with lab, 1 year chem with lab, 1 year organic chem with lab, 1 year of physics and 1 year of calculus.. but yeah i have to take 44 hours of just plain biology so i triple up on those
why oh why did i go to community college
if i had gone to a 4 year i woulda had half of this done already
sure i have all my gen ed requirements before i go but man 18 straight hours of science and math for 4 semesters is gonna kiiiilllllll meeeeeeee
but hey least mcats will be a breeze after this!

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01:50pm 22/04/2005
mood: complacent
well, update for all except mom, she already knows!
i totally fell in love with the university of virginia at wise, so im definately going there now.. place is totally amazing
had to change my major to biology which i am still pouting about.. think ill minor in psych anyway tho
got all my paperwork and fees for phi theta kappa in, ill have to go to next induction ceramony
got all my paperwork n application for tutoring in, 2 psych and 2 english classes.. we see if i make it n how that goes later on
s'bout it for now

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11:13am 20/04/2005
mood: tired
My computer is um.. dead
seriously dead
it keeps beeping n buzzin at me if i hit the keyboard or a link and the start button wont work, just blinks at me and if i click on someone to try to talk to them the window dissapears.. and my shift makes anything i try to type into a big Q.. *weird look*
im at the computer at school now, waiting on Ron to take me Evan n Misha (ronni was gonna come but decided to work pft) to the University of Virginia campus to visit..
moommyyyy i neeeeeddd to fill out my FAFSA but i cant online, so you need to get all the info together n call me tonight sometime, ill get a form from the financial aid office and have everything ready..
filled out an application for tutoring bit ago, might work iuno.. andd i have to fill out an application for the honors society so i can get help goin to uva

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fall schedule   
05:06pm 18/04/2005
mood: stressed
we had pre registration todayy
i am gonna be taking:


Calculus I from 8:30 AM to 9:55
Spanish I from 12:30 to 1:30
Anatomy n Physiology from 1:30 to 2:45
Anatomy Lab on W from 3 to 4:40
Death and Dying from 4:40 to 5:55

i really only got calc and spanish on friday so i will get out at 1:30

anndd on tuesday n thursday i have this thing called Service Learning but i dont have to go at all except for the first and last week of the semester.. she gives us a list of places to volunteer at that work with the college that we have to pick one and volunteer at for 48 hours total .. n whitesburg hospital is one of the places n i sooo hope i can work there, would be awesome for med school app

im trying hard to not think about anatomy and calculus *cringe* i aint worried bout any of the others
i ALMOST signed up for triganomatry too but noo i can wait if i decide to do it

the only realllyyyyy bad thing about this schedule...
calc spanish and anatomy are all 4 credit hours
which means im taking 18 credit hours
18 x $98 = way too much money for my loan to cover
not to mention the anatomy book which costs almost 200 dollars
n i dun wana think what calc costs since algebra was over 100
im gona be at least 500 dollars over my loan, mebe up to 7 or 8 if you count books
but i cant drop any of these because i HAVE to take every one of them for what im goin in to n i dont wana chance it that they arent there next semester cuz our classes are all screwy being a small school
i hope to god that the academic scholarship will work but i sincerely doubt it since its need based also
i dunno what im gonna do

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